mercoledì 10 agosto 2011

Beautiful Artists/11: Christian Erroi, photographer

I was planning to write a post on Christian Erroi, sooner or later, but since he has an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, I figured that sooner is better than later.

Christian as an amazing and quite accomplished photographer, who decided to pursue his dream to begin a Master of Fine Arts degree at the International Center of Photography/Bard program. And the goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to help him fulfil his dream. You can back the project with a minimum pledge of 10 $, and you'll pay only if the total sum is collected.

Here is part of what he writes about his art:
"My project revolves around the brain and vision because I’ve had a lifetime of obstacles related to them. Over the years, I’ve had numerous strokes, which caused me great neurological harm. I am now legally blind, and reading and writing are arduously slow, so university study is a particularly ambitious challenge for me.
My photographic vocabulary is from nature, as I grew up in extremely beautiful places where plants and weather seem to determine everything in life. I have seen now that the earth and all of its systems provide me with a kind of universal language I can employ to communicate my ideas with a great number of people without needing to write or speak. (...)
If you are able, please help me to realize my promise as an artist, educator and a worker forming my project through the studies offered at ICP/Bard. If I accomplish this, I plan to share what I have learned with many others whose climb is a steep one. You may be assured that you will be transforming more lives than just mine through your generosity.
In return, I offer a variety of thank you gifts, in the form of current and recent works of art, and a visit to my studio for a memorable espresso, and then an opportunity to choose a work for yourself and no one else."

You can see some of his works on his website and visit his Kickstarter page here. And please, enjoy this beautiful video.

3 commenti:

  1. Interessante, grazie!
    Bellissima anche l'idea del Kickstarter...l'ho conosciuto proprio in questi giorni tramite un'altra iniziativa: NYChildren Exhibit: "Let's open Park51's doors to the world"

  2. Ah, che bel progetto, e ce l'hanno fatta! Hanno raccolto più di 70,000$!
    Sì, Kickstarter mi piace molto, trovo che sia un'iniziativa brillante. I soldi vengono raccolti solo se si raggiunge la somma prestabilita, gli artisti danno qualcosa in cambio delle donazioni, quelli di kickstarter ti aiutano a creare la pagina e organizzare il progetto e in cambio tengono il 5% del ricavato.
    Qui ho trovato un interessante elenco dei pro e contro:

  3. Articolo davvero interessante. Io mi sono gettato su Kickstarter che era quasi troppo tardi, fondamentalmente ad occhi chiusi. Peccato per il periodiaccio economico. Dita incrociate, talismani e...I have a dream...

    Christian Erroi