sabato 7 maggio 2011

When reality mimics literature: do The Traumatics really exist?

I'm confused: I've just found the facebook page for "The Traumatics. (Musician/Band)".
Now, those of you who have read Freedom are familiar with the fictional character Richard Katz and his band, The Traumatics. Jonathan Franzen has declared in interviews that The Traumatics were most closely based on The Mekons.
The fb page, which was started in November 2010 and doesn't have much activity, says: "Members: Richard Katz, Herrera, Molly Tremain, and friends", and has a link to a youtube channel with the following playlist: Insanely Happy (which is also the title of their "fourth album"), Freedom, Dark Side of the Bar (with lyrics taken from the book), Floors on Roofs (hint, hint, hint), and so on. And the songs are real. I mean, somebody sings them...

4 commenti:

  1. Did you ask him to be creative? Did you show him your collection of vintage guitars?

  2. hello. i don't speak italian but i am trying desperately to figure out who is behind the Traumatics page and their music. It sounds a lot like Lou Reed. I would love to know if it's Franzen or just some super-fan or what. Because the songs are actually good! Have you heard anything about this since you posted this? I can't find anything about who this could really be. Thanks..

  3. Hi! No, I haven't found out more since I discovered their facebook page. I know Mr. Franzen pretty well, though, and I really don't think he's the one behind it. But you never know... In the meantime, I'm enjoying the mystery, and The Traumatics are getting some publicity, which is certainly good for them. The facebook page is growing, and they just added another one, named "Reactionary Splendor". Stay tuned... (and if you find out more let me know, if you wish. Thanks!)