mercoledì 11 maggio 2011

A little update on the Green Card and a postcard from New York

How boring, how banal is it to say that New York is beautiful? One of the most boring and banal things in the world. But still, I will say it out loud.

This is the ultimate authoritative advice from a lawyer that settled the whole question (together with suggestions from friends and commments by readers of the blog, for which I was particularly happy): 
"Rescheduling is definitely possible but it creates potential problem if the lower-level government employee who will handle the rescheduling let it fall through the crack, then your application will take a long time (horrible stories went around that it may take months or even years). So if it is not absolutely necessary, do not reschedule." 

So, okay, I'll stay here and have the interview on June 3rd. Here is some advice from another website: "Dress neatly, professionally, and even conservatively. Don't wear T-shirts or jewelry with slogans or symbols that might make the officer wonder about your lifestyle or morals. However, don't overdo like wearing a tie covered with American flags or keep making comments about how great the USA is, how you would be a member of a great society." I'll remind Jonathon not to wear his American-flags covered bowtie...

Anyway, I'm having a great time here, meeting dear friends that I get to see only once a year or so, and I've just learned that a beloved friend of mine will come to the opening. (and I'll go to her reading). Life is good, as she likes to say.

And if I don't get to see my lake in May, well, I will see it in June!

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