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Quantum Entanglements: A Preview

Ok, so Blogger has been down for hours. Now it's back, but minus my posts from yesterday, which I actually liked quite a lot. So I'm not going to post anything about last night's Quantum Entanglemens opening at the AC Institute, until Blogger has restored everything back to normal.

In the meantime, here's an article from Wired Magazine about the Quantum Entanglements:

Can’t Hack Marriage? Try Quantum Entanglement Instead

In his latest science-themed prank, concept artist Jonathon Keats will marry anyone — or anything — using quantum entanglement as the tie that binds.
"Unlike conventional weddings, which must meet church or state standards for couples to be married, the nuptial entanglement process is totally open, as nondenominational and nonpartisan as the laws of physics,” experimental philosopher Keats told in an e-mail interview. “As long as people meet the basic criterion of exposure to entangled light, the procedure can be as simple or complex as they wish.” 
Monogamy isn’t mandatory. In fact, spouses need not even be human, said Keats, who will begin his quantum marriage ceremonies Thursday at New York’s Art Currents Institute. (...)
Keats’ plan, to borrow The Middleman’s mad scientist catchphrase, is sheer elegance in its simplicity. A couple walks down a long hallway from darkness into sunlight. At hallway’s end, said couple finds two sets of footprints, on which they stand facing one another. 
'Depending on their preference, they may be dressed in full formalwear or stark naked,' said Keats, who has previously created controversial concept art like god porn, depression-proof antimatter currency and a photosynthetic restaurant for plants. 
The couple then looks up into a window flush with sunlight, in which is suspended a precisely calibrated entanglement apparatus employing Keats’ system of adjustable prisms. As the sunlight passes through a nonlinear crystal made of beta-barium borate (viewable in the gallery above), it is divided so that half the light shines on each person’s face. They stand for about a minute as entangled photons bombard their skin with the photoelectric effect. (...)
For those who can’t make it to New York or arrange a quantum marriage in their own town, Keats plans to offer two or more wedding bands, depending on the newlyweds’ proclivities, that have been pre-entangled.
Keats’ latest undertaking, which runs through June 18, peels some fun onions. It explodes the concept of matrimony, allowing anyone to marry anyone or anything. It demolishes the parameters of social obligations. And it simultaneously demythologizes the sanctity of traditional marriages and the messy divorces that follow approximately 40 percent of the time in the United States. 
"Nuptial entanglement is only as intense as the entangled parties make it,'"Keats said. "People who go through the procedure will not know whether they’ve been entangled, or how much, in any empirical sense. They’ll have to take their entanglement on faith, as any attempt to measure a quantum system will disturb it: The quantum marriage will literally be broken up by skepticism about it." (...)
Given entanglement’s seemingly limitless possibility, Keats is prepared to marry more than just humans. Indignant conservatives freaked by gay marriages will most likely condemn the concept of quantum marriage, which welcomes those who want to wed their shiny new iPads or whatever else commands their hearts and minds. (...)
And for the post-quantum marriage celebration?
"I’m now undertaking experiments entangling champagne," Keats said, "which people will be able to drink, absorbing the entangled bubbles to become entangled in their own right."

(Read the whole article here)

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