giovedì 14 luglio 2011

Meet my husband/8: Mars Has Arrived

The website of the radio station KALW News has just published an interview which took place last year, during the opening of the show Mars Has Arrived at Modernism Gallery in San Francisco.
Here is how the project has been described in the article Finally: Affordable Space Travel Comes to San Francisco published by Good Magazine:
"(...) Keats wanted a way to bring the extra-terrestrial experience down to Earth. So he formed his own space agency—the Local Air and Space Administration, or LASA—and has designed several convenient tours for Earth-dwellers. In one, the artist embedded pieces of meteorite in the soles of slippers, allowing space walks inside any apartment. Not wanting to exclude plants, he also smashed bits of asteroid into dirt, then planted cacti
in the foreign soil.(...) But the simplest way for people to tour space will be to drink it. In an upcoming show at San Francisco’s Modernism Gallery, Keats will be selling bottles of water mineralized with pieces of the Moon, Mars, or a star. Call it the opposite of Neil Armstrong sipping Tang in the LEM. (Keats also offers a trip to potatoes, through osmosis.) And like any good travel agent, he’s ready to cut a deal for the ambitious voyager. 'There will be package tours for people who want to experience all three.'"

Here you can read (and listen to) the interview, written after the journalist had enjoyed a glass of stellar mineral water.

Space craft and slippers (Courtesy of Modernism)

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