mercoledì 23 febbraio 2011

Beautiful Artists/3: Noa Charuvi, visual artist

New York based Israeli artist Noa Charuvi paints from photojournalistic images taken in Gaza. I was really struck by her colorful oil canvases and her works on paper, which abstract the demolished buildings ravaged by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Noa synthesizes abstract and figurative painting through her highly developed use of color and her sensitivity to form, and the site-specificity of the source images, in contrast with her process of deconstructing the photographed forms, creates a body of work that demands attention and observation.  

Babel, oil on canvas
(based on a photograph of Gaza 
after operation Cast Lead)

The Bedroom, for example, "depicts the traces of life in what was once a domestic setting; furniture and belongings are strewn across the interior as the torn walls expose the room as a destroyed landscape." (from the press release of the show  "Heat Wave" at Lombard-Fried Projects, NYC).
Her subject matter, which deals with the political aspects of art from a painfully personal point of view, shows a thoughtfulness that, combined with her fine craftsmanship, makes her a very impressive artist.

You can see more of Noa's art on her website, here:

The Bedroom, oil on canvas

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  1. Beautiful and haunting...Noa is such a talent.

  2. The Bedroom is based on a photograph by Activestills, an amazing group of photographers from Israel\Palestine committed to political and social wrongs