martedì 29 novembre 2011

Is your washroom breeding Bolsheviks?

Seen and photographed in a house: an ad for Scot Tissue Towels that first appeared in the 1930's.

Employees lose respect for a company that fails to provide decent facilities for their comfort.
Try wiping your hands six days a week on harsh, cheap paper towels or awkward, unsanitary roller towels — and maybe you, too, would grumble. 
Towel service is just one of those small, but important courtesies — such as proper air and lighting — that help build up the goodwill of your employees. 
That’s why you’ll find clothlike Scot-Tissue Towels in the washrooms of large, well-run organizations such as R.C.A. Victor Co., Inc., National Lead Co. and Campbell Soup Co.
ScotTissue Towels are made of “thirsty fiber”… an amazing cellulose product that drinks up moisture 12 times as fast as ordinary paper towels.They feel soft and pliant as a linen towel. Yet they’re so strong and tough in texture they won’t crumble or go to pieces… even when they’re wet. 
And they cost less, too — because one is enough to dry the hands — instead of three or four. 
Write for free trial carton. Scott Paper Company, Chester, Pennsylvania.

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  1. Lo vedi? Negli anni '30 il capitalismo era vincente perche' aveva dialettica. Magari ruspante e pelosa, e forse comica, ma vi era una solida base del pensiero. Vuoi metterlo con i 10 (o 15) piani di morbidezza?:-)

  2. Be', negli anni '30 con la grafica se la cavavano benino anche dall'altra parte...